CJRTec is an American clicker press manufacturer and distributor that supplies top quality industrial die cutting machine, which meets international standards. We offer a wide selection of clicker die cutting press to USA manufacturing companies, with different tonnages and table sizes you can choose from. Helping small businesses automate their production process to lower the final product's cost per piece is one of our sincere missions in this industry. Our brochure includes swing arm clicker press, rotary die cutting machine, traveling head, kiss cutting press, and CNC beam presses among others. For a more comprehensive list of clicker press for sale, please refer to the site’s Presses section.

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Currently, CJRTec's headquarter is located in Utah, United States, but we also have other offices in Philippines, Korea, and China. We’ve been in this industry for over a decade now and is continuously growing in order to serve our customers better and more effectively. We are aware that there are many new and used clicker press suppliers from North America who can give you cheaper machines and less expensive die cutting accessories. However, we are confident with our topselling products and guarantee each of our customers that we will always be there for them before and after purchasing any of our hydraulic presses. Moreover, we are one of the few manufacturers who can provide you next-day shipping of any clicker press parts you need. Feel free to send us your inquiries if you have any questions. We are online 24/7!

swing arm press machines with die cutting steel and products
beam press machine with die cut steel and die cut materials